Thunder Martial Chapter 2049: The Threat of Devouring Flower



Ren Shenfei’s sudden attack made Zi Chen very surprised.


“I’m not strict with discipline, but it makes you embarrassed.”


Ren Shen Fei put away the forbidden objects, but he didn’t even look at the corpses all over the floor. He came to Zi Chen with an apologetic expression on his face.


The vice-captain had already told the details, Ren Shenfei was furious after hearing this, so much so that as soon as he arrived at the scene, he started to kill.


This guy really ate the guts of a leopard and dared to steal someone from Zi Chen.


Only the deputy captain who reported the message was alive, but his face was already pale, and his body couldn’t help shaking.


“If it’s a misunderstanding, forget it. I still have something to do. I’ll talk to you when I have time.”


Zi Chen turned around and walked towards the rear, Ren Shenfei followed Zi Chen to the front of the team, and repeatedly apologized to the third king.


Ren Shenfei has shown everything with his actions, so the third king will naturally not care.


“Zi Chen, just come here. From now on, please.”


The third king clenched his fists at Zi Chen and bowed. How could Zi Chen dare to accept such etiquette, so he hurriedly saluted deeply.


No matter how much he persuaded, the third king refused to take a step forward, so Zi Chen had to lead everyone into Luowangyu.


Before leaving, everyone bowed to the third king to express their gratitude.


The third king smiled and watched everyone enter Luowangyu until they disappeared.


After sending Zi Chen and his party out of the border, Ren Shenfei’s face was still ugly.


The third king refused to move forward, because he was worried that he would enter King Luo’s territory and cause King Luo’s displeasure.


This is actually a coincidence, but the third king obviously misunderstood, thinking that he did it on purpose, or that King Luo secretly instigated it.


Not really!


It’s just that he was too indulgent to each other in the past, and there was no large-scale war in his territory, but the territory has expanded a lot, so new populations are needed to join in.


So much so that the guy did a stupid thing when he saw Zi Chen with so many people.


Snatch someone from Zi Chen, even Shen Fei is angry when he thinks about it, even he doesn’t dare!


The rest of the way was unimpeded, and it took several months for the team to reach the destination.


That is 800 miles outside of Yezhan City. A large number of tents have been built for temporary living. They were built by Zichen early in the morning. They were first used for women and children to live in, and then everyone had to be self-reliant and build a city of their own. .


He Kou began to arrange manpower to build the city. During the period, he planned the location first, and then drove the foundations into the ground.


He Kou brought almost all the resources of the Third Kingdom, so he will build this city into a place similar to the Third Kingdom. When a crisis comes, it can be attacked or defended.


As for other resources, Zi Chen will also send someone to deliver them.






Under the ground, a spirit-devouring flower is moving carefully.


The war broke out, killing many people every day.


The corpses were scattered on the ground, and the blood flowed like a river, soaking the ground.


Spiritual Devourer lives by absorbing flesh and blood, and the former Eldar are used as their nourishment.


It came to the blood-stained earth and began to absorb the blood. After the ground stopped moving, it quietly protruded its tentacles and pulled the corpse above into the ground to swallow it.


It went all the way, carefully swallowing it, for several years.


Finally, there is no more fighting in this area, and there is no more flesh and blood to devour. The soul-devouring flower, which has been born with wisdom, has become restless.


One day, it noticed a few alien beasts walking above it.


Unbearably hungry, it launched an attack on those alien beasts.


Soon, a beast struggled and was pulled into the ground, and the other beasts fled.


This battle went well.


After refining this alien beast, the Devourer continued to move until it encountered the second alien beast.


Slowly, its ability to hunt and kill is increasing, and finally one day, it shoots at humans.


It found a small village. After a hunt, all the humans living in it became its nourishment.


Then it started looking for similar places until one day it came to a city.


There are hundreds of thousands of human beings living in the city, of which the highest realm is the fairy.


It sneaked into the city from the ground, attacked several buildings first, and all the people inside were refined.


Then, the rhizomes slowly extended towards the vicinity, preying on the humans in the nearby houses.


It wasn’t until a month later, when everyone in the entire street was hunted by the Devourer, until the rhizomes filled the entire street and got out of the window, that something was out of the ordinary.


The city lord immediately sent troops to suppress it, but those soldiers never came back.


The Fairy City Lord personally went into battle, and was then pierced by a spear-like rhizome.


The city screamed incessantly, everyone began to flee, and there was chaos.


At this moment, along the direction of the city wall, rhizomes continued to drill from the ground, like a huge net, submerging the city.


The human beings living in this city are like lambs to be slaughtered, being devoured one by one.


From a distance, the city is surrounded by Devouring Flowers, the bright blooming flowers that block the falling sun.


Three months later, all the rhizomes and flowers were scattered, and it became a dead city.


At this moment, no one knows that apart from war, such a terrifying existence has been born in the God Realm.


Until the Devouring Flower appeared in a royal city in a royal domain, this time it directly took the form of an outer siege and enveloped the entire royal city.


In this royal city, it happened that the magic went out to fight.


So a city fell in a short period of time, but after swallowing the life of a royal city this time, Spirit Devourer did not leave as usual, but took root here, looking like a city from a distance The flower sea city, the king city is full of colorful soul-devouring flowers.






The establishment of the new third city is in full swing, He Kou is the main person in charge, and Zi Chen will come to see the progress often.


A large amount of materials are delivered here every day, and the next organizational work is handed over to the people brought by He Kou.


The first year has passed, and the main body of the big city has appeared. There are also a large number of magic circles in the underground foundation, and the central part has basically been built.


After that, I began to plan the pattern of the city, including commercial streets and residential areas, which need to be carefully considered.


Four years later, the construction of the Third City was completely completed.


He Kou is the new city lord.


Originally it should be called He Kou City, but He Kou insisted on the name of the third city.


Qiao Lina did not participate in the management of the city, and everything was maintained by He Kou and the people he brought. In the first hundred years, no fees were charged, but after one hundred years, taxes must be paid.


On this day, the first **** returned from the frontline battlefield. She went to Yezhan City and found that Zi Chen was not there, so she returned to the City of Ten Thousand Spirits.


Zi Chen is tempering everyone’s spiritual power, and the first **** patiently waited outside for an hour.


“Is the war over?”


Seeing the first god, Zi Chen looked surprised.


The first **** shook her head, and she said solemnly: “If you run into trouble, King Luo will let you come over.”


“What’s the trouble?” Zi Chen was a little surprised.


Looking at the Shentian God plane, the number of gods under Luo Wang’s hands has exceeded a thousand, which is absolutely invincible.


Zi Chen suddenly remembered something, “Could it be that the two gods have joined forces?”


The First God shook his head again, “It’s a soul-devouring flower!”


“The Devourer?”


Zi Chen was stunned for a moment, wondering, how could this kind of thing become trouble?


The first **** told the story in detail, and Zi Chen’s face changed when he heard that, and he was able to take the initiative to swallow it, and it was still a royal city, which was amazing.


Zi Chen suddenly said: “What about the gods? Didn’t you say that gods are immortal?”


“Now that the rules of heaven and earth are evolving, the gods are not immortal. After about 30 kills, the source of the gods will be completely wiped out.”


The first **** said: “In addition, the forbidden things have been discovered in various places, and they can also behead the gods on the spot.”


The first **** took out a red crystal ball, about the size of a walnut, “This is found from a tree. The main body is three red fruits. After picking it, it becomes a crystal solid body. It has become a forbidden thing.”


The first **** handed over the fruit, “I got one of those three fruits, and Demi and King Luo also got one each.”


Zi Chen took it over and looked at it for a while, and then returned the fruit to the first god. The first **** didn’t want it, but Zi Chen asked her to keep it and kill more enemies.


After nearly ten years of fighting, the number of gods under her hands has exceeded one hundred, and all the gods in Zichen’s land of all spirits add up to more than three hundred.


Zi Chen asked curiously: “The king city has been swallowed up, is there no revenge for the divine law?”


“I went, but I couldn’t find the hidden body of Devouring Flower at all.”


The first **** said: “The meaning of King Luo now is to let you go and see if there is any way to destroy it, because it blocks the road of King Luo’s unification, and it cannot be allowed to develop. After all, its The scope has been expanding, if you don’t kill it now, it may expand to the entire Shentian plane in the future.”


This is something that even King Luo can’t do, but the first **** actually came back to find him, he can’t be more powerful than King Luo.


Suddenly, Zi Chen said, “Is it effective to raise spirit flowers?”


The first **** has four generations of spirit-raising flower elves.


“There are some effects, but it is still impossible to suppress the Devouring Flower.”


Zi Chen understood King Luo’s intention, so he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then call everyone to go.”


Zi Chen’s spirit-raising flower spirit is three generations, and it is divided into four generations.


When Zi Chen was planting spirit flowers in the lower realm, he sprinkled four generations of spirit flower elves. After years of development, there are many four generations of spirit flower spirits in Zi Chen’s side.


Zi Chen’s message went out, and the team quickly assembled.


Su Mengyao, the monk, the magic monkey, Zhang Haotian, Lin Xue, and Wang Xian’er, these people who have followed Zi Chen for a long time have all broken through.


Miao Miao, Bone Sculpture, Chi Yan, Ba Shou, Xue Chang, Qiong Qi, all of which were sealed in the black tower by Geshan at the beginning, have also broken through The top Yuling at the beginning did not Come, she is a free man here.


This time, Zi Chen summoned these twelve people, and the others still had to guard this place.


It is worth mentioning that Yiqian has not broken through until now. Of course, it is not that she is incapable, but that she is unwilling and always says that the time is not enough.


Zi Chen took twelve people and, under the guidance of the first god, went to the royal city that had been submerged by the soul-devouring flower.


After many years, Zi Chen saw King Luo and Demi again. Zi Chen could not perceive the strength of King Luo’s breath, but Demi’s breath became obviously stronger.


Vaguely, Zi Chen felt threatened.


It can be seen that the expansion of the station, Demi’s combat power has also improved a lot.


After a brief chat about the Spirit Devouring Flower, Demi personally led the way to the royal city occupied by plants.


When the Devouring Flower appeared in the perception, Zi Chen’s face changed for the first time.


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