The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6895: The pattern is damaged



From the time Jiang Yun threw the array map, until now, only five breaths have passed.


And in this short period of time, Jiang Yun has severely injured one Supreme and entangled three Supremes.


Although this record can be said to be quite astonishing, Jiang Yun knew that he was just a surprise and caught many foreign cultivators by surprise.


Under the circumstance that these non-territorial cultivators didn’t even understand what was going on, they were all confused by the series of attacks in the array.


Jiang Yun even spread them out as much as possible with a pattern, so they couldn’t see each other.


The roaring sounds in their ears, and the brilliant starlight they saw in front of them, made them not even know how many enemies they were facing.


So many people have an illusion.


Is it true that the cultivator of the real realm already knew that he and others were coming, so he set up a net of heaven and earth in advance to let himself fall into the net.


In addition, the Star God Heaven and Earth is also one of the few powerful worlds that has ever been born with transcendental powerhouses.


Since these non-territorial cultivators recognized that the formation that trapped them came from the Star God Heaven and Earth, in addition to their doubts, they could not help but feel a little jealous.


In short, when Jiang Yun and Xiaoyu Zhenren cooperated and used the same method to severely damage the second supreme, most of them finally recovered.


They are not weak, let alone lambs to be slaughtered, but a group of powerful outlaws!


Even if they can’t see each other and can’t contact each other, they have already started fighting each other and attacking the formation.


Fortunately, Jiang Yun severely injured two Supreme Beings, three avatars entangled three avatars, and the soul avatars and Ding Yi did not participate in the battle at all.


Therefore, there are only two Supremes who can really pose a threat to the map!


After Jiang Yun had a panoramic view of the situation in the array, he immediately made a decisive decision and gave up the plan of the sneak attack.


Sneak attacks are only effective if they are unguarded.


Now that they’ve all recovered, it’s not easy to hurt them in one fell swoop, even with the cover of the Array.


Jiang Yun released the real person Xiaoyu and said: “Xiaoyu, I will guide you, you go to entangle a supreme!”


Shenzhen Xiaoyu naturally has no possibility of refusing, so he can only nod his head in agreement.


As a result, Jiang Yun guided Xiaoyu Zhenren through various attacks in the array to entangle a Supreme, and he himself came to the last Supreme.


This last supreme being is Ren Yi, the ten-day dry!


Although he is not a powerhouse in the source realm, as a member of Ten Tiangan, his ranking is higher than that of the original Guiyi, so compared to other Supremes, his strength is much stronger.


Ren Yi didn’t panic at Jiang Yun’s sudden appearance, but raised his hand and slapped Jiang Yun.


He knows Jiang Yun’s identity!


A palm fell, and Jiang Yun’s eyes seemed to have a sky of burning flames, falling towards him.


In an instant, Jiang Yun felt that he was no longer in the sea, but was sent into the magma.


The scorching heat ignited Jiang Yun’s hair and clothes.


Obviously, Ren Yi is a supreme being who practices the way of fire!


Jiang Yun shook the black sword in his hand and was about to slash out, but a flash of light suddenly flashed in his eyes.


Pi Lian is like a waterfall, equally huge, and it collided with the falling flame sky.


It’s weird to say, whether it’s horse training or the sky, both are behemoths.


Their impact should, in principle, be loud, but almost no sound was made.


However, in Ren Yi’s eyes, he could clearly see that countless cracks suddenly appeared above his flaming sky, and they began to collapse piece by piece.


Moreover, he is very clear that these cracks, this collapse, are not caused by pure force, but…


Before Ren could figure out what was going on, the flames of the sky had already collapsed for the most part.


However, the sword qi training did not weaken in the slightest, and continued to move forward until it came to Ren Yi.


Ren Yi was also unperturbed, his palms were covered with flaming flames, and he directly grabbed the sword energy.


When Ren Yi thinks about it, the flame in his palm can easily burn even the world into nothingness, so he doesn’t even need to touch the high temperature of this sword energy to melt it.


But something even weirder happened.


Sword Qi Pi Lian passed over his palm directly, and then dissipated.


However, wherever the sword qi training passed, the flames on his palms not only extinguished, but the palms turned into dead bones, and the blood on the skin was gone.


Looking at this withered palm of his own, Ren Yi’s face also showed a look of shock and understanding: “The power of time!”


Jiang Yun’s voice sounded immediately: “Accurately speaking, this is the power of desolation, and it is also the power of my way to revive the world!”


Facing Ren Yi’s palm containing the power of fire, Jiang Yun suddenly thought of Huang Wushuang, Huang Yuan, and Zhang Jian Tianhuang!


Therefore, he used this black sword of Dao to use the power of Huang to unleash his palm sword Tian Huang.


Although the palm sword Tianhuang is a technique that Jiang Yun learned early, but with his current strength, the power is naturally much greater.


Under Ren Yi’s underestimation of the enemy, the palm of his hand was directly eroded by the power of time and turned into dead bones.


Jiang Yunyi shook the black sword in his hand and attacked Renyi again.


What Jiang Yun has to do now is to hurry up and solve one of the Supreme Beings.


After all, his three avatars won’t last long.


Especially Ding Yi and the soul clone, although Jiang Yun has not recognized these two, at least he knows that they are also supreme powerhouses.


As long as they shoot, this array will still be shattered.


Once there is no array map and Tianzun has not arrived in time, the only way for him to keep so many people is to cast Qianjiangshui, Qianjiangyue!


Although the power of the forbidden way is great, just as the spirit of luck reminded Jiang Yun, don’t use it if you can’t use it.


That consumes Jiang Yun’s life essence and blood, and his vitality life.


What’s more, no matter how strong the Forbidden Way is, it is impossible to kill so many strong people at the same time.


As long as one person is still alive, then Jiang Yun will only be slaughtered by others.




However, just when Jiang Yun was attacking Ren Yi with all his strength, a series of explosions suddenly came from the array.


Jiang Yun’s consciousness immediately noticed that the array map had been damaged.


And it was none other than Jiang Yun’s soul avatar!


The soul clone actually doesn’t want to shoot.


The black light that Shi Tiangan uses to cover himself is a kind of talisman, which is said to have been refined by Jiayi himself.


So even the powerhouses in the source realm can’t see through their true colors.


But the soul clone is worried that as long as he takes action, he will be recognized by Jiang Yun.


If Jiang Yun really does not care about himself and wants to devour himself, then he may not be an opponent.


As for Ding Yi’s protection, the soul avatar can still be trusted, but since Ding Yi said he discovered the hidden space, it has become weird.


The soul clone did not dare to entrust his own safety to Ding Yi.


But after seeing that the array map was not broken for a long time, he was also worried that it would attract Tianzun and others, so he had to take action and shatter the array map.


The pattern was broken, and some cultivators outside the realm broke away from the pattern.


This result, in Jiang Yun’s expectation, just came a little faster.


But the more this is the case, the less he can let other Supremes have the opportunity to take action, and must ensure the integrity of the array as much as possible.


Therefore, Jiang Yun could only ignore the monks who had left the formation for the time being, and still attacked Ren Yi with all his strength.


Now, all he can hope for is that Tianzun and Guiyi and others can come quickly.


What Jiang Yun didn’t know was that at this moment, in the sky above his head, there were three figures standing quietly, staring into the depths of the sea.


These three people are Heavenly Venerate, Earthly Venerate and Human Venerable!


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