The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6893: Your ancestors



The spiritual sense of the Spirit of Luck looked at the monks who were quickly entering the real realm, and murmured: “They are all monks from outside the realm!”


If the monks from outside the realm did not deliberately restrain their breath, or had some magic weapon to cover their breath, then once they appeared in the real realm, it was equivalent to showing their identity.


Not to mention, the strength of the spirit of luck is so powerful, so it is easy to distinguish the identity of this group of monks at a glance.


Rao is the spirit of luck, goodbye and knowledgeable, and it is impossible to understand what is going on without knowing what happened in the extrajudicial land.


However, doubts are doubts. For the arrival of this group of foreign monks, the spirit of luck does not have any fear or panic.


He just frowned and said, “Could it be that the one from the Hongmeng Alliance has lost patience and wants to aggressively attack Daoxing Tiandi and take this place as his own?”


“But even if Hongmeng wants to do this, Dao Zun should not agree!”


Under the puzzlement of the spirit of luck, nearly a hundred monks from outside the realm have passed through the entrance and officially entered the realm.


Entering the real realm, they did not rush to leave, but spread out in the sea to make way.


Then, six monks filed in.


“Six Supremes!” The Spirit of Luck narrowed his eyes and said, “This is really going to be destroyed…”


Before he could finish speaking, Spirit of Fortune’s squinted eyes suddenly widened, and he swallowed the second half of his words.


Because, behind the six Extraterritorial Supremes, he saw three almost identical monks who were obscured by black rays of light.


“Ten days to do it!”


Naturally, the spirit of luck immediately recognized the identity of these foreign monks.


Not from Hongmeng, but from Shitiangan!


But even if it is recognized, the doubts of the spirit of luck are not reduced in the slightest.


“Ten Tiangan is the common enemy of Dao Zun and Hongmeng.”


“Then how can Ten Tiangan enter the real world from the extrajudicial land when the Taoist avatar has gone to the extrajudicial land?”


“Could it be that Dao Zun and Shi Tiangan also cooperated?”


The spirit of luck finally guessed the key to the matter.


At this time, he had also stepped into the sea of ​​​​jie, and the ten Tiangan member on the left suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Gui Yi, what is this place?”


The soul clone looked around and said, “This should be in the sea of ​​​​boundary!”


Spirit clones don’t actually know much about the real realm.


Because when he stepped into the real realm, he was taken directly to the immortal realm by Dao Zun.


Later, when he was sent by Dao Zun to take care of the aftermath of Jiang Yun’s deity, he gradually learned about the situation in the real realm.


In this period of time, he also inquired from Ji Kongfan’s mouth, and only then did he have a general understanding of the real realm.


The soul clone looked at Ding Dao: “Jiehai is an area outside the three supreme domains, with a huge area.”


“I knew this entrance was leading to here, I should have brought those three ancient spirits here.”


The three ancient spirits have been controlled by Dao Zun and turned into puppet-like existences.


Zun Dao handed over the control of the three ancient spirits to Ji Kongfan.


And the soul avatar didn’t look down on the strength of the ancient spirit pseudo-zun, so they simply left them and Ji Kongfan in the world of the master.


The soul clone continued: “Entering the realm of the sea, it is just to avoid direct contact with the three…,”


In the soul avatar, Ding Yi stepped into the real world for the first time and asked himself, of course, to understand the real realm.


However, Ding Yi waved his hand and interrupted the words of the soul avatar: “Then do you know that there is still a hidden space here!”


Ding Yi practices the way of space and is particularly sensitive to space.


The soul clone was slightly taken aback and said, “No way, I haven’t heard anyone say that there is still a space hidden here.”




Ding Yi was silent for a moment, then suddenly raised his hand, forming several seals and shooting in all directions.


Among them, only one of the seals suddenly stopped after flying nearly a hundred meters away, and a dazzling light erupted.




Ding one person moved with the sound, and without waiting for the sound to fall, his figure swayed, and he had come to the place where the seal stopped, raised his hands directly, and stretched it forward.


But at this moment, a cold shout suddenly came from Ding Yi’s ear: “Get away from me!”


Ding Yi was not surprised when he heard a sound.


Since there is space to hide, it is also reasonable that there are people in the space.


Therefore, not only did he not leave, but his hands became transparent, one to the left and one to the right, as if they were grasping both sides of an invisible door.


As long as you use force, you can force this door to open.


However, the voice resounded in his ears again: “Palm of space, it seems that you are the descendant of the old ghost.”


“I didn’t expect, ah, I didn’t expect that the descendants of Kong Laogui would join the shameful ten days!”


“For the sake of your ancestors, I won’t cut off your palms today, just get out of here!”


As these words came into my ears, Ding Yi’s complexion suddenly changed drastically!


The hands that were stretched out were suddenly retracted.


If it weren’t for the black light covering his face, everyone would see a panicked pale face!


Ding Yi was really scared!


Because that voice said it right!


Ding Yi is the descendant of the old ghost in the other’s mouth.


The Palm of Space is the unique magical power of Kong Laogui.


However, Kong Laogui keeps a low profile, so not many people know him.


Nevertheless, after joining Ten Tiangan, Ding Yi tried his best not to use the Palm of Space in order to conceal his identity.


Today, he thought, this is the Dao Xingtiandi, and it is impossible for anyone to recognize the palm of space, and this is how it is displayed.


But he never imagined that in this hidden space, there would actually be a strong man who knew his ancestors.


Ding Yi hurriedly stepped back while frantically searching his memories, recalling the seniors he knew from his ancestors.


“What’s the matter with you?”


Seeing Ding Yi’s strange behavior, the soul clone couldn’t help but ask a little strangely.


The Spirit of Luck spoke to Ding Yi through voice transmission, so no one except Ding Yi heard it at all.


Ding Yi forced himself to calm down, shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I made a mistake, there is no room to hide here.”


Although Ding Yi couldn’t remember who the other party was at all, he was certain that he was definitely someone he couldn’t provoke.


Even, he had some regrets in his heart for entering the real domain this time.


An extraterritorial cultivator who is definitely stronger than himself, sits in the real domain.


Whether he is a member of Hongmeng or not, his purpose must also be to seek the secret of transcendence.


Those who want to destroy the real domain are the enemy of the other party.


The other party spared himself once in the face of his ancestors, but if he continued to stay in the real realm and continued to perform the task, the other party would not be merciful.


“Otherwise, just find a reason to return to the extra-judicial place first, and let them come to test it after B Yi or C Yi come.”


For a while, Ding Yi was a little hesitant, not knowing whether he should stay or turn around and go back.


The soul clone and Ren glanced at each other, and both saw that Ding Yi’s reaction was a bit strange.


However, this is not the time to pursue these matters.


Ren Daoyi, who has never spoken: “Don’t worry about the hidden space, since we have entered the real domain, let’s leave here first, find some natives here, and inquire about the situation here.”


The soul clone nodded in agreement: “Yes.”


“All of you will restrain your breath, so as not to be discovered.”


“Our purpose this time is nothing more than to touch the bottom of the real domain and not to reveal our identity prematurely.”


Others naturally have no objection. After they all restrained their breath, the soul clone and Renai headed towards the top of the sea eye.


Ding Yi was deliberately at the end. After the others were gone, he said in a low voice: “If you offend your senior, you should also look at your senior Haihan.”


“Senior, rest assured, this junior will never leak any news about senior.”


Ding gave a deep salute to the direction of the land of luck.


After straightening up, he hurriedly chased the others away.


After they all disappeared, the figure of the spirit of luck appeared, suddenly raised his head, looked above Haiyan and said, “Jiang Yun is here, is this here to die?”


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