The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 182: Going to find the old man



“This is the heartbeat!” Wu Xingtian emphasized while covering his heart.


Wang Xuan could see that this was not a black peacock, nor a wolverine, but a dog badger who met a big tengu.


The Meteorite Sea suddenly became lively, and the space traveler – the black ants of **** launched a call, and the top powerhouses opened up the road together and opened up the secret realm of outer space and time.


Over the years, some top players have sneaked here many times, and the opportunities they deserved have been almost hollowed out, and now they have made waves and raised eyebrows.


Obviously, most of the main expedition was still from the Meteorite Sea.


In the next two days, Wang Xuan has been haunting this area of ​​meteorites, seeing a lot of good things for sale, as well as various great immortals, demon kings, etc.


Among them, there are several powerful people who are actually famous star-rated fugitives, who occupy the fairy mountain here and become the leader of the party.


The galaxy is splendid. This area where the three religions and nine streams converge is quite prosperous. It is more prosperous than many extraordinary planets. The contacts are all high-level cultivation, and most of them are immortal-level creatures.


Wang Xuan has a new identity here, Kong Huang, the second king of the Five Elements Mountains.


He thinks that Wu Xingtian is okay and the demon is good. He stopped him at a critical moment and advised him not to go up to explore. It was a piece of advice from someone who had come here.


Meteorite Sea, there is no shortage of immortal mountains, floating islands, pure land, etc., all of which fell from mysterious space-time scenes, which is why it attracts a large number of black households.


Five Elements Mountain is not far from the black market where the meteorites are dense. The location is good and the area is not small. It is a pure land of immortals. .


Wolverine is indeed very strong, and belongs to the big demon in the late stage of the true immortal. Otherwise, it would not be able to occupy such a dojo.


Of course, this also has something to do with him pulling the banner to make tiger skins. He told people that this was a courtyard of the top demon clan, the Black Peacock clan, and repeatedly showed people the two drum kits on his back.


Five Elements Mountain, there are no more than a dozen little demons, they are all runaways with some problems, their strength is “not high”, and most of them are in the main field of health preservation.


In the Meteorite Sea, where wild immortals and fugitives are everywhere, the original well-established health master is really nothing, and can only be a little demon in each family.


“Two kings, the king asked you to go on a mountain tour and familiarize yourself with our territory.” A little demon came to report.


Wang Yan is sitting meditating in the cave built on the second highest peak of the Five Elements Mountains, thinking about the various problems he may encounter after entering the mysterious space-time scene.


He walked out after hearing the words, this identity really made him feel a little strange.


Wu Xingtian was waiting for him in the distance, and took him to tour and familiarize himself with the territory very seriously, and then whispered: “You said, I will invite Luo Ying, the first young master of the Black Peacock Clan, to come here. How about we come to live in the dojo? Make this place the name of the other courtyard of the Black Peacock Dynasty.”


“Don’t worry about it, right?” Wang is not very willing to get too close to those top races, and now he just wants to keep a low profile, improve his Taoism, and let the skull become the Taoist.


“In two days, I will enter the secret realm of time and space. I’m thinking, as a member of the top demon clan dynasty, Luo Ying and others must know more secrets than we do. If you take the initiative to approach them, you may be able to gain a lot.”


“Then go try it out.” Wang Xuan said.


I have to say, Wu Xingtian’s mouth is quite strong, he really invited people, and a dozen men and women entered this dojo.


Mainly, the immortal mountain near the black market has its owner. Luo Ying and others didn’t want to go too far, and temporarily occupied a large meteorite nearby, but it was not very good.


Now, there is an invitation from a “common clan”, and they agree.


“The peacock bloodline on your body is not pure enough. Even if you grow wings, it may be a wolf wing.” Luo Ying said, wearing a long black dress, both glamorous and seductive.


Wu Xingtian said: “I heard that there is a magic medicine for purifying blood in the clan, but I don’t know… Every time someone mentions it, I say that this is a small branch of my clan’s dojo.”


These people from the Black Peacock Clan all showed strange expressions. The big monster in front of them should be considered a wolverine. Peacock’s bloodline is thin, but they are still so pious and eager to return to the clan?


“If you don’t believe me, ask around here to see if I’ve always been a black peacock demon.”



In the end, Wu Xingtian got his wish and really got a bottle of divine liquid flowing with black light.


Wang Xuan was surprised when he found out about the situation. Congrats to him.


Wu Xingtian said with a smile on his face, “With this bottle of magic medicine made with the blood of the black peacock tribe’s original demon, I can hope to advance to the heavenly demon, and I don’t need to go on adventures in the mysterious space-time scene. .”


Wang Xuan found that he is not a big Tiangu, and he has many advantages. This big demon must have seen the black peacock family come here from time to time before, so he has been paving the way to this day?


“In the past, I was just thinking about finding a big backer, but now it seems that I really worked hard and succeeded unexpectedly.” Wolverine was delighted.


At the same time, he told Wang some news, which he heard from Luo Ying.


In the depths of the mysterious space-time scene, wars between different cosmic civilizations really happened. It’s true!


Also, it does smell of prohibited items inside.


There may be eight-color strange bamboos in the secret realm, because when someone collected five-color strange bamboos in their near-deaths, they found that there was a more mysterious colorful mist in the distance.


In the mysterious space-time scene, there are super-peerless ghosts!


A temple on the wasteland, you can’t look at it, you can’t become the figure on the mottled wall


The Black Peacock Clan is worthy of being a top demon clan. They have obtained a lot of valuable news through relationships in two days here, and they know more than the local snake Wu Xingtian.


“There are so many oddities in it.” The king benefited from it, and had to be more serious and serious.


In the past two days, the sea of ​​meteorites has been extremely lively, all kinds of restlessness, people from outside the region have come, and there are also local expedition teams forming alliances.


The Hell Ant has a helping hand, and a mysterious old man wants to accompany him.


In addition, there are other top-notch masters, such as an extremely powerful person from Qingyang Palace, who is respected as Qingyang Sword Immortal.


This monster sword immortal is a peerless person who does not fear some co-owners.


Wang Xuan had seen him on the road when he was here at the beginning, with wavy white hair, driving a flying sword with ram horns, his aura was terrifying, and he drove a huge demon cloud to rush past.


“Qingyang Sword Immortal invited his friend, who is also a peerless Black Bull Sword Immortal. This old demon uses a horn-sharp knife to cut through the starry sky. It is terrifying, and he is also a peerless person.”


In addition, the most powerful old fugitive in the Meteorite Sea is also gathering people to enter the secret realm of time and space.


People are talking about it, and many people have to follow.


Wu Xingtian told Wang Xuan that the five-colored bamboo fell into the hands of Hongdao, a young man in the tattoo palace, which made Luo Ying very unhappy.


There is no amazing fetish on Hong Dao of the Tattoo Palace for the time being that can be exchanged for the five-colored bamboo, but he is guaranteed by the reputation of the Tattoo Palace. He has the unique seal of the core disciple with tattoos, which is mortgaged there. . Biju Building


In addition, Mo Han, the woman from the Paper Temple, also spoke for him, indirectly guaranteeing.


This is a bit surprising. Are the two behemoths, the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple, going to join forces? The two disciples actually walked so close.


Luo Ying could only be secretive, unable to bid for the five-colored bamboo, so she had no choice. “Are the disciples of the Tattoo Palace going to enter the secret realm of time and space?” Wang Xuan asked. Wu Xingtian nodded and said: “There is a high probability of going in. Even, there is a gossip, and there may be some powerful people coming from the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple.”


“As long as the paper saint is not revived and the originator of the tattoo palace reappears in the world, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?” Wang Xuan asked.


“These two families are hard to say and unfathomable.”


However, Wang Xuan doesn’t care, if he really wants to enter the mysterious space-time scene, as long as there is a chance, he must kill the people in the tattoo palace.


His sister, whom he had never met, died at the hands of the tattooer.


“Nvliang, why did the news leak? Kunpeng’s Nest, there are several divine eggs that can make up the source of my waiting and help break the limit. How come many people know about it.”


Yuan Hong and others came. After Wang Yan lifted the skull of Feisheng Xingxing, an elder of Hedao Sect went to the academy to ask for someone, but was rejected.


Now, the group came to the Meteor Sea.


Time has passed, and everyone is ready to enter that hazy and mysterious space-time scene.


The space traveler Hell Black Ant and an old human were the first to enter the arena. They stepped into the densely populated area of ​​meteorites and opened up a hazy void. They disappeared in a flash.


“Let’s not crowd with the old ants, let’s go this way.” Qingyang Jianxian said, driving the flying sword with ram’s horns, long wavy hair without wind, and the demonic energy turned into a majestic dark cloud, he ascended to the sky superior.


Beside him is a black-haired old man, urging a sharp knife with horns.


The Qingyang Sword Immortal and the Black Bull Sword Immortal also entered.


Next, another powerful person appeared, choosing different directions to enter the secret realm of time and space.


Those entrances are no longer closed, they were opened with force by the first few people who entered.


“Go!” The others saw this and followed.


Wang Yan stood on a meteorite and quietly saw Yuan Hong and his party entering, as well as the young Hongdao from the Tattoo Palace and a woman from the Paper Temple.


Then Mo Qing from Jinque Palace, Luo Ying from Black Peacock Clan, Xia Qing from Longevity Star Region, etc. all brought people in one after another.


“You’re not following?” Wang looked at Wu Xingtian.


“I won’t take the risk, I will look back at the scenery near the entrance.” Wolverine said, quite restrained.


With a swoosh, Wang Xuan entered, unable to calm down in his heart. He wondered if a group of old friends had ever fought in it. The **** confrontation between different cosmic civilizations is terrifying just thinking about it.


In such a fight, a battle of life and death, how many people will be left alive in the end?


Participants must have used the treasure!


Furthermore, it is believed that there are three alien civilization encounters here, and the melee may be more intense.


Wang Xuan hopes that Fang Yuzhu, Yan Mingcheng, Yaozhu, Mingxue and others are not lost here.


But he is ready. If he really wants to find his old friend and encounter enemies from other universes, he will recklessly take action and bring along the Imperial Road Banner and the first killing formation map.




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