The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 181: This is the feeling of heartbeat



Wang Deng’s face is calm, but his heart is a little heavy. Is it the group of people who have crossed the sea of ​​extraordinary light? It is possible that they encountered other outsiders before entering the transcendent central world. Moreover, two or three cosmic civilizations encountered unexpectedly. If a war broke out, it would be unimaginable. This is a battle between different civilizations, involving the continuation of races! Although the group of people in the mother universe are strong, including Fang Yuzhu, Yan Mingcheng, and Bai Jingshu, who are “supernatural”, but who would be ordinary civilizations and creatures who dare to travel across the sea and traverse the universe? They are absolutely ruthless, and they can look down on their own universe!


This kind of confrontation, just thinking about it, makes people shudder. If there is no conflict, once the prelude is opened, it will be the collapse of time and space and the bloodshed of civilization.


Wang Deng couldn’t help it, and wanted to rush into those vague “scenes” to dig, look for it, and see if there was an old friend.


Is that fight over, or is it still going on? It made him feel like he was holding ten Thumbelinas in his heart, scratching his heart with a hundred claws, and he couldn’t sit still.


Although many years have passed, the past is still in his heart and impressed.


Are the underworld blood legions all right? Are they also prosperous in this world? Those “our own people” and the powerhouses from the mother universe are too embarrassed to continue “killing them” and pretending to be underworld blood?


So far, Wang Deng has been greatly influenced by some old people. For example, the habit of grabbing the neck of the enemy and picking it up has been “inherited” by Master Zhang.


At the end of the year, Jiang Qingyao, the Sword Fairy, was placed in a health furnace. After many years, has she survived? Worrying.


There are also Fang Yuzhu, the demon master, and the great alchemist Xu Fu…. Too many people passed by before Wang Xuan.


He hopes, everything is wrong. After all, just a few tea fruits can’t prove it


What does it mean, it doesn’t necessarily fall out of the vortex of time and space.


“Those wonders actually involve the struggle of different civilizations? Over the past 100 years, many immortal mountains, floating islands, and huge ancestral veins have fallen nearby, all caused by outsiders.”


People were very surprised.


“Speaking of which, many of the top-level Dao lineages in our universe, the ethnic groups standing at the top of the pyramid, are extraterrestrial civilizations.” Some people sighed, it is indeed true.


This is no secret. When the superhuman reaches a certain level, he will gradually come into contact with this truth. After experiencing the initial horror, he will gradually accept and adapt. “Does our universe still belong to us? Who has the final say?” someone said.


A person next to him reminded: “Forget it, don’t talk too much, there may be disciples of extraterrestrial civilizations among the Taoists who come here, don’t be offended, you are a guest from afar, just accept it calmly, and those people are already gone. into my world.”


Actually, it’s not just this universe. Every time the transcendent center shifts, similar events will occur, and some civilizations will follow.


What is Transcendent Central World? This is a process of mutual fulfillment.


It is precisely because of those outsiders that the splendid civilizations of different universes compete to cross and come to this world, so that the new “big stage” can be grand and prosperous.


Of course, some ethnic groups that live in pursuit of extraordinary aquatic plants cannot be handled with common sense. After passing through the ages, they must know that outsiders cannot understand secrets.


Ant-Man He Yi’s whole body is black and bright, and his body is like a steel block. In fact, the power of this race is outrageous, and it can fight against Tianlong with its physical body.


When it comes to a person’s weak strength and a lowly racial status, it is often described as an ant. As a result, it is such a race that should be weak, but it is exceptionally strong after mutation.


He Yi spoke again: “In the blurry time and space, it is very vast, my grandfather suspected that there were super civilizations on the road, they took their own home universe all over the place


Sacred Mountain, Xiandao, Dongtian, etc. are brought on the road. “


To be able to have such a large hand, it means that this civilization should be very powerful, they were very calm when they hit the road, and the parent universe was not completely exhausted at that time.


“My grandfather is going to recruit some colleagues to explore together. The area is too vast, and there are indeed various dangers. I call on top extraordinary people to go in together.”


He Yi explained the situation. Even the famous space traveler, the Hell Black Ant, the great master in the world of thieves, felt pressured after entering.


This caused agitation. This old ant, who is famous in the stars, rarely acts with people. This is because he really feels that his strength is insufficient.


Of course, this area is not only explored by the **** black ants, but in other storefronts, those extraordinary people who sell and exchange strange items also go in and out of mysterious space-time scenes all year round.


In this area, there are loose cultivators, wild immortals, fugitives, and many professional expeditions.


“My grandfather discovered Xintiandi this time. The oil and water are very rich, and the danger level is naturally correspondingly high. If any master is interested, he can go forward together, and the strange things will be divided equally.” But He Yi also added that once it involves His grandfather had the right to choose the odd bones, and scriptures related to Yu Dao Hua, but he would make up for his fellow travelers with odd objects.


There are many superhumans on this huge meteorite hundreds of miles long, and there is a sudden noise. Being able to act with the **** black ants will definitely pay off, and he rarely misses.


However, the great master of the thief world is extraordinary, and on this basis, he has passed the great nirvana of the primordial spirit. If he wants to take the road of imperialization, how many people can get into his eyes?


In this meteorite sea area, I really can’t find many people who meet the requirements. It is estimated that the people of the main level will come.


“The Great Master is out!” someone shouted.


On this large meteorite, there is a mountain with immortal energy, which has opened up a cave, and many buildings have become the habitat of the black ants in hell.


This old ant appeared in its real form and did not transform in front of people. The whole body was made of abyss black gold, black and bright, with a flowing and stunning crystal luster.


“Sell the rare items first, and if you come back, there are like-minded fellow Taoists who can come to the cave to find me.” The two-meter-long old ant opened his mouth, and when it moved a little, the surrounding space was distorted. Then, people were dazzled, worthy of being a legendary creature of the thief world, and brought out too many good things from those magical time and space scenes.


“There is a natural medicine!”


“Wait a minute, what is that? A pot of astral sand can make a large cave. Did he go on an exploration? This is clearly a purchase!”


Many extraordinary people were shocked. Although they knew that the space traveler **** black ants were very famous in this field, they were still dumbfounded when they saw all kinds of strange things. Good things came out one after another, and all parties bid for it. Soon people found out that some of them were official arrivals, such as the great teachers of the adjacent star fields, and the co-lord’s mansion.


“This bottle of medicinal liquid is very special and extremely precious. It can help heaven-level extraordinary people have the opportunity to break through into the field of ‘super-peerless’.”


When a thumb-length miniature crystal bottle was taken out and introduced by the **** black ants, all parties went crazy, maybe it could create a top master!


Who doesn’t care?


Whether it’s the wild immortals who don’t want to enter the real fairyland, some fugitives, or the great traditions, no one is not jealous. Because, the realm of some co-owners is also in the field of transcendence.


There are only a few drops of liquid in the thumb-sized bottle, which is golden in color and swaying in a dreamlike brilliance. It is reported that its ingredients may contain a little real medicine or Taoism.


For a while, some extraordinary dynasties, top-level teachers, and some communist mansions in some star regions began to bid wildly. Who doesn’t want to add a big master?


“If someone can come up with a strange bone of the Imperial Way, I will give it to him immediately.” said the **** black ant.


There were more and more people on this large meteorite. Even the noble daughter Xia Qing of the Longevity Dynasty, Luo Ying of the Black Peacock Clan, and Mo Qing of the Jinque Palace also followed.


In the end, someone actually took out half a strange bone, and provided some fetishes, etc., in exchange for the crystal bottle from the **** black ants. An old demon king reminded: “Giving a position, those who have unreasonable thoughts, those who have ulterior motives, and those who want to kill them halfway, I advise you to give up your thoughts as soon as possible. The behemoth behind the Taoist friend who participated in the bidding is definitely not. You can provoke them. Of course, if you are an alien and have prohibited items in your hands, don’t tell me.”


“The next strange item is a Chaos Stone, which can be used as the main material of the treasure.” The old ant introduced another heavyweight item.


However, this is somewhat cold, how many people can refine prohibited items? It needs the right time and place, and it needs the fire of a civilization to ignite, and it is necessary to extract a piece of the supreme rune of the fairyland at every turn.


This kind of thing is too far away for many people. Even those Taoists who can look down on the Xinghai rarely try and cannot afford the price of failure.


Wang Xuan is extremely serious and pays close attention to it. As far as he knows, the treasure of the mother universe, the Shenming Palace, is made of Chaos Stone. Does it have anything to do with it?


“Can you get started and take a look?” Some extraordinary people said, no matter whether they can afford it or not, taking the opportunity to see the main materials of prohibited items is also a kind of gain.


“Yes.” Hell Black Ant didn’t care too much. If he could make a treasure at will, he wouldn’t take it out at all. Although this thing is good, it can only be stored in his hand.


Some people came forward one after another, and Wang Xuan also took the opportunity to lean over and carefully observed and studied after getting started. Generally speaking, it is three feet long, two feet wide, and one foot thick. Its shape is not very regular. Chaos Qi, sturdy and immortal, looks like a piece of debris.


Wang Deng touched the lamp for a long time, and everyone in the back urged him, so he put it down, he


It is not certain that this is the fragment of the Arcana Palace. “Sign up, Grandmaster, can you bring us in next time? Our strength may not meet your requirements, but you don’t need to go far, you can go in.”


Someone shouted, completely tempted, and wanted to explore the mysterious space and time.


The old ant said: “Yes, but I have to explain in advance that it is very dangerous, there are ghosts, there are monsters, how far can you go out, and whether it is safe, I can’t take care of it, you have to rely on yourself.”


“No problem, I want to sign up, even if I look at the entrance, I have to walk around!”


“Come along!”


For a while, there was a lot of people here.


“Hey, brother, why are you in a daze?” Wu Xingtian stuck out the wolverine’s head and looked at Wang Xuan.


“I want to go in, I want to sign up!” Wang Xuan said solemnly.


Wu Xingtian immediately persuaded: “I said brother, don’t look up, some good things will be unearthed in this space-time ruin from time to time. However, how many people can get it? Over the years, I have seen and heard Yes, there are too many tragedies. The people who are new to the Meteorite Sea are the most excited, they think they are the children of destiny, and they may get a great chance when they enter, but every time the most people die are new people like us. All the old people are very calm, just look at it.”


Wang Deng stroked his chest and said: “You don’t understand, this is the feeling of heartbeat. My heart is pounding, and I feel that there is a great good fortune that can make me enlightened.”


Actually, he wanted to come in to find his old friends, what if they got lost inside?


The old ant said that in the depths of the fuzzy space-time scene, the area is extremely vast, and there is no end in sight for the time being.


Wang Xuan has various Maybe the battle between different races and different cosmic civilizations is not over yet!


Soon, other news came, which added a fire to this incident. There are other reasons


The elders of his top sect have arrived, and they have to enter. In addition, there was news that someone vaguely saw a Kunpeng nest in the secret realm of time and space, with several glowing eggs.


Some people even leaked secrets. In the distance of the vague scene, there were suspected prohibited items that appeared and disappeared in a flash. “I’m going too!” Wu Xingtian said.


Wang Yan was stunned, why did he change his mind?


“There are treasures and treasures of good fortune. There are too many strange objects this time. It’s different from the past. I want to go to the entrance to take a look. This is a feeling of heartbeat.” Wu Xingtian also put his hand on it However, his gaze was directed towards Luo Ying of the Black Peacock Clan.


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