My Marvel Super Girlfriends Chapter 551: Reversed variant future time and space





A future variant of time and space ruled by second-generation sentry robots, the Great Wall.


Several fully armed mutants are guarding the pavilion of the Great Wall, another temporary base under the pavilion, under the dim light of the bean, two old people with a combined age of more than 150 meet together .


One of the old people had a bald head, a kind face, and deep and wise eyes that seemed to be able to penetrate people’s hearts, and sat peacefully in a special wheelchair.


The other old man was wearing metal armor and a gray-black cloak. His hair was like frost on his temples. Although he was full of wrinkles from the years, he had a stern face with a sharp face, and he stood upright. Like a red-hot iron.


If the surviving mutants from the outside world saw this, they would be shocked.


After all, they both stand at the pinnacle of each other’s mutant lineup, and they are both the most famous and powerful mutants in the world!


“Wine or coffee, or local tea?” the bald old man asked.


The old man in the cape said in an unceremonious and deep voice: “Charles, you specifically contacted me just to drink something?”


As a native mutant, the elderly Professor X, Charles, smiled indifferently: “Eric, after so many years, your temper is still so hot.”


Elder Magneto Eric snorted coldly and said in a blue voice: “If my temper was the same as before, I should kill you now, lest you die under the command of the sentinel robot in the future!”


“I know. You are still resenting me about the fact that the Mystical Girl Rui Wen was taken away by the Sentinel Robotics Research Institute 50 years ago.” The old professor X sighed: “If I can watch Rui Wen , she will not be caught outside, the Sentinel plan will not be carried out because of this, and there will not be a second-generation Sentinel robot now.”


The old Magneto gave him a cold look: “Just know, I will never forgive you!”


The old professor X didn’t care about this, and suddenly said: “If we can stop what happened in the past and save Ruiwen, can we reverse the current doomsday situation?”


“Stop? How do you stop, travel through time and space?” The old Magneto scoffed.


The old professor X continued: “Not long ago, I contacted a surviving mutant team with telepathy. Among them is a girl named Phantom Cat, her ability is very special, she can make things touched. through everything.”


“So what?” The old Magneto looked at the old Professor X, who was also an enemy and a friend, and shook his head: “Even if her ability is stronger than you and me, she can’t defeat so many sentinel robots.”


“It is naturally impossible to defeat thousands of sentry robots.” The old professor X said solemnly: “But if we let a mutant member with a will to heal itself, with the ability of the phantom cat, he can penetrate time Going back to fifty years ago and stopping the Sentinel plan at the source, will it be possible to reverse the current desperate apocalyptic world?”


The elderly Magneto was silent, staring at the elderly Professor X: “If there is a theoretical possibility, try it no matter what!”


There is no hope for the current variant plane.


No more than one hundred mutants survived, and no more than a few million of ordinary people survived, hiding in underground shelters in the ruins of the city.


Unable to compete with the Sentinel robots that now rule the world, going back to the past may be the only hope that can stop and reverse the tide of the war.


“The candidate I chose is Wolverine Logan, and it is most suitable for his mind to go back to the past.” The old professor X said immediately: “I will contact Wolverine and Phantom Cat and let them find a way to come here… …”


Old Professor X’s words came to an abrupt end, revealing a shocked expression.


“What’s the matter, what did your mind perceive?” The old Magneto quickly saw the clue and asked in a blue voice.


“I don’t know what’s going on outside.”


Old Professor X’s eyes widened in disbelief: “The sentry robots and sentinel spaceships patrolling the country are all evacuating…”


The elderly Magneto was also stunned. The Sentinel robots patrolling the area would be evacuated. This is a very abnormal move!


The old professor X muttered to himself: “No, they are not evacuating, they are more like going to a place to support…”


“Support? You must be mistaken!”


The old Magneto frowned. If it was half a year ago, the Sentinel robot might have coordinated reinforcements to other regions.


But now is half a year after the end of the world.


After the Sentinel robots ruled the world, they continued to collect resources to develop themselves. Now almost every major country has more than a thousand sentinel robots, patrolling and scanning the sky of the local country all day and night.


Need all the patrolling and sentinel robots of a country to be evacuated to support other areas?


This is a fantasy!


No matter how confident the old Magneto is, the magnetic control will not decrease but increase after old age, and he also believes that he cannot compete with more than ten sentinel robots.


“But it is.”


The old professor X was shocked and said: “They… are all rushing to New York to support!”



This time.


In Germany.


In an air-raid shelter under the city, hundreds of survivors were hugging and screaming. With the sound of burrowing and roaring, a sentry robot was breaking in.


The golden pupil light glanced inward, as if scanning a human with mutant genes, directly entering the attack mode.


At this time.




As if receiving a command.


The sentinel robot’s forward steps stopped in the air, its tall body froze for a moment, and then quickly turned around and returned to the original path, disappearing in this area with the sound of the wind breaking from the spacecraft.


Also, India, Australia, England, France…


All over the world, Sentinel robots, either guarding or patrolling, stopped what they were doing, returned to the spacecraft, and returned to the headquarters of the New York base where Sentinel robots were made!


France, a factory shrouded in darkness.




Dozens of Sentinel robots surrounded the factory from all directions from the sky and the ground.


Only about 100 meters remain at the end.


Suddenly dozens of Sentinel robots flying in the air and shuttling in the ground stopped for a while, and then invariably raised their heads and looked to the side of the sky.


On the other side of the continent far away, the night sky is glowing red.




The next moment, dozens of sentinel robots on the scene rushed towards that direction, and all the logistics aircraft also started to fly high into the sky.


Under the factory floor, inside the temporary base.


The perceptive mutant member shouted in surprise: “Leaving… the sentinel robots in this area are leaving!”


“Where to leave?” Sunspot asked confirming.


“That direction…should be New York,” the mutant member responded.


Iceman Robert waved his fist excitedly: “It’s Mr. Xi Nian’s side, it must be!”


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