Immemorial Sword Venerable Chapter 2888: The confrontation under the waterfall



After so many days, Eagle Invincible finally appeared.


And it is very strong. As soon as it appeared, it broke the monster formation with one finger, which made the many warriors who were watching in secret tremble in their hearts.


Even the big demons of the demon clan are pale and full of fear at this moment.




The second word uttered by the eagle invincible.


His finger, pointed out again, symbolizing the finger of death, gently pointed to the void.


Suddenly, the void shattered, and the big demons that rushed towards him all fell to the ground.




In front of the entire green shady mountain stream, there was panic.


All the warriors stared at Ying Wudi in stunned eyes. Has his strength reached this level? Simply incredible.


“One finger to break the formation, one finger to kill the enemy, what have these Tianying Invincibles experienced? Why did they become so powerful?”


“With such strength, he can definitely rank among the top ten of the Immortal Ancient God List.”


“It’s too powerful. If I wait for Shang Ying to be invincible, he will kill us all with one look.”


The voice of discussion spread quickly.


Those monsters who fought against the Eagle Sword Sect have all died, and none of them survived.


“Those who oppose the Eagle Sword Sect will be killed without mercy.”


The eagle invincible stood with his hands behind his back, standing in the air, his dark eyes looked at Fang Chen in the demon clan’s great formation.


The bones below piled up, blood flowed into rivers, and countless warriors were terrified.


Seeing this, Hao Gu in the formation changed his face suddenly, and his heart was full of panic.


“Invincible Eagle is so strong?”


Hao Gu cried out, he wanted to wake Fang Chen up.


However, just as he turned around, he saw Fang Chen in the waterfall and opened his eyes.


In a trance, he felt that Fang Chen’s gaze seemed to be able to shatter his primordial spirit.




Hao Gu murmured.


“Aren’t you coming out yet?”


In the void, Ying Wudi said proudly.


His face was full of disdain. In his opinion, Fang Chen was just a piece of trash.


His strong appearance directly shocked everyone.


There was no movement in the formation, Ying Wudi’s complexion changed, and the feeling of being ignored was very uncomfortable.


“Since you don’t come out, then I will smash the formation.”


Invincible Eagle’s voice fell, and the finger pointed out again.




The wild power erupted from his body, and the dazzling rays of light emerged from his fingertips. In the blink of an eye, these dazzling rays of light gathered together and formed a space storm.




The eagle invincible let out a low cry, his fingers slammed a little, and the vast fingers, carrying invincible power, roared out.




The finger light bombarded the formation and exploded directly. The formation swayed, but in the end it resisted the impact of the finger light.




Seeing this, Ying Wudi frowned and stared at the formation.


And the many warriors in the dark have set off a storm in their hearts.


They have seen the invincible means of the eagle with their own eyes, but they are unable to break through the formation in front of them.


Hao Gu breathed a sigh of relief, the formation finally resisted the attack of Eagle Invincible.


The waterfall flew down and hit Fang Chen continuously. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Eagle Invincible through the formation.


“Finally can’t stand it anymore?”


Fang Chen muttered.


He realized here, just to wait for the arrival of the eagle invincible.




Fang Chen’s wrist flicked, and the monster formation instantly shrank, and finally disappeared directly into the void.


The eyes are facing each other, and the air is filled with flames.


In front of the entire green-shaded mountain stream, there is an extremely depressing atmosphere, as if the entire mountain stream will be crushed.




On the cliff of ten thousand feet, the waterfall swoops down, and the impact makes people tremble.


“What a terrifying impact, I’m afraid even a star warrior can’t resist it?”


“This guy’s physical strength is too strong, since he can withstand the impact of the waterfall.”


“What a terrible method, no wonder it can kill Ying Wushuang with one sword.”


Invincible Ying looked at Fang Chen from the air, and a cold killing intent appeared in his dark eyes.


“You killed my brother?” Ying Wudi asked.




Fang Chen got up and was wet by the waterfall.


“Damn him.”


“Junior Fatty was also killed by you?” Ying Wudi asked while holding back the anger in his heart.


“He also deserves to die.” Fang Chen said calmly.




Invincible Ying exudes extreme strength, and a strong sense of oppression in the air hits and squeezes Fang Chen.


“No one has dared to speak to me like Ying Wudi for a long time.” Ying Wudi laughed instead of anger.


There is a terrifying killing intent in the smile, and the void seems to freeze at this moment.


“It’s ridiculous, I’m practicing here, Ying Wushuang disturbed my practice for no reason, and forced me to hand over my treasure. What’s wrong with me killing it?” Fang Chen said.


“You are not killing ordinary people, but disciples of Eagle Sword Sect.”


“Could it be that the disciples of Yingjianzong can do whatever they want? If Ying Wushuang kills me, will you blame him?” Fang Chen refuted.


Ying Wudi sneered, as if mocking Fang Chen’s ignorance.


“This is a world where the strong are respected. Fist is the only last word. You are just an ordinary Fate Ancient Realm martial artist. How can you compare with my Eagle Sword Sect?” Ying Wudi said: “You Death has no effect on Primordial Chaos. The death of my younger brother, Ying Wushuang, caused Eagle Sword Sect to lose an elite disciple.”


“So, when you killed my brother, you should be able to predict today’s ending.” Ying Wudi continued: “You will surely die today.”


“Eagle Sword Sect…”


The corners of Fang Chen’s mouth were upturned, revealing a gloomy smile.


He spread his hands and said, “You’re right, fists are the only last word. I killed Ying Wushuang, blaming him for being too weak, and I’m the truth.”


“But, in front of me, you are just a clown jumping on the beam.” Ying Wudi said proudly.


In the air, swords are drawn, and the atmosphere is very depressed.


Fang Chen and Ying Wudi faced off across the air, and the two did not retreat at all.


“Boy, what are you, what qualifications do you have to point fingers at our Eagle Sword Sect?”


Below, the disciple of Eagle Sword Sect shouted angrily.


“It’s ridiculous that a dying person dares to be grandstanding here.”


“Senior invincible, you will surely die.”


“Cherish the good times right now.”


Every one of you is laughing at Fang Chen.


But the latter didn’t care. He walked slowly out of the waterfall, and every step he took could cause the air to vibrate.


In the blink of an eye, he walked to the green-shaded mountain stream and was very close to Ying Wudi. At this time, he stopped, looked at Ying Wudi and said, “Do you think you can win against me?”


“Is there any need to ask this? I think you should know if you are a person.” Ying Wudi sneered, “In front of me, Ying Wudi, no one dares to claim to be a genius, even if you are one-of-a-kind, you will eventually die. in my hands.”


“The Eagle is invincible, the strongest ancient **** in the history of Eagle Sword Sect. He has an earth-shattering cultivation base and once killed the powerhouses in the late stage of the Star Venerable Realm.”


Fang Chen said slowly.


“This kind of experience is really shocking. If you face other people, maybe this prestige alone is enough to deter others.” Having said that, Fang Chen paused, looked up at Ying Wudi, and continued: ” However, in front of me, Fang Chen, you are inferior to trash.”




Ying Wudi looked at Fang Chen angrily, the killing aura on his body was driven to the extreme.


“I really want to know what the expression of the top of the Eagle Sword Sect was when I defeated the self-righteous ancient **** in the history of the Eagle Sword Sect, and what was the expression of your Eagle Invincible.” Fang Chen said.


“There will never be a day like this.”


Ying Wudi has been thoroughly provoked by Fang Chen, he roared and pointed out.




Facing Ying Wudi’s finger, Fang Chen was motionless, with a sarcastic smile, looking at Ying Wudi, “I said, you are like garbage in my eyes.”


When the finger light hit Fang Chen, it was instantly crushed by the sword light, and the tyrannical power disappeared without a trace.


Fang Chen stood with his hands behind his back, looking down at Eagle Invincible with a very high attitude.


“You can’t even break through my defenses, and you dare to call yourself the strongest ancient god?” Fang Chen said word by word.


The onlookers were secretly watching, and the stormy waves were set off in their hearts.


Fang Chen’s defense is enough to disappoint countless warriors.


“It’s just a warm-up just now. I won’t give you a chance in the next battle.” Ying Wudi said: “I’ll let you know what real despair is.”


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