I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1: Scholar Meng Hao



   Zhao Kingdom is a small country, like other small countries in the southern part of the land, yearning for the East, Longing for the Tang Dynasty, longing for Chang’an, this is the admiration of the lord, and the ideal of Zhao Guowensheng, just like the Tang in the capital. The building is as high as the imperial palace, and it seems that you can see Chang’an, the eastern land of thousands of mountains and rivers.


   In the April season, there is no coldness, and naturally there is no uncomfortable heat. A slight wind strokes the earth, passes the Qiang flute of the North Desert, and blows through the Great Tang of the East, raising some dust like fog, at dusk In the setting sun, I turned a corner and rolled up the Daqingshan Mountain of Zhao Kingdom on the edge of the Southern Territory, and landed on the top of this green mountain at the moment, sitting there on a Vincent boy.


   The young man is a little thin, holding a gourd in his hand, and wearing a clean blue scribe gown. He looks about sixteen or seventeen years old. He is not tall and his skin is a bit dark, but his clear eyes have a touch of intelligence. It’s just that the frowning brows at the moment made the clever introverted, and there was a touch of dazed expression in his expression.


   “Fell again…” The young man sighed. His name is Meng Hao. He is an ordinary scholar in Yunjie County under the great green mountain. His parents suddenly disappeared in his early years, leaving his family wealth behind. He has not studied in the past few years. Philippine, by now, is impoverished.


   “After three years of exams, I have been reading those sage books all day for the past three years, and I have been nauseous. Is it true that the imperial examination is really not my future path for Meng Hao?” Meng Hao laughed at himself and glanced down at his hand. Calabash, his expression was a little gloomy.


   “The ideal of becoming an official and becoming a rich man has become farther and farther away, not to mention going to the Eastern Datang when rich… Useless is a scholar.” Meng Hao smiled bitterly, sitting here quietly At the top of the mountain, looking at the gourd in his hand, the dazed expression became deeper and deeper, with fear of the future and confusion about his own life in that dazedness, not knowing what he could do in the future, and not knowing where the future is.


   Will there be a noble person who is optimistic about himself, whether there is a deep-seated lady who suddenly likes him, or if a few years later, he is still in continuous imperial examinations.


   There are no answers to these questions. For a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy, this confusion seemed to turn into a mouth that devours people, swallowing him invisibly, making him a little scared.


  ”Even the teacher in the county town only has a few dollars a month, and it is not even as profitable as Uncle Wang’s carpenter’s shop. I would have known that I did not go to school for the first few years, and I went to learn carpentry with Uncle Wang. It is better to have enough food and clothing than to have nothing now.” Meng Hao was silent.


   “There is not much food left at home, and there is not much left for the silver, and I owe a couple of dollars to the Zhou members. What will I do in the future.” Meng Hao raised his head and looked at the sky, muttering, the sky It’s blue and big, and there is no end in sight, as if he can’t see the future.


   After a long time, Meng Hao shook his head, took out a piece of paper from his arms, looked at it carefully, put the paper into the gourd, stood up and threw the gourd down the green mountain.


   There is a big river under the green hills, and the river is not frozen in winter. Legend has it that it leads to the Tang Dynasty.


   Meng Hao at the top of the mountain silently watched the gourd drifting away in the river below the mountain, without blinking, as if seeing his mother, seeing the joy of childhood, the gourd carried his ideals and took him The magnificent vision for the future is drifting farther and farther. I don’t know who will pick up this gourd someday in the future and see the paper inside.


   After dozens of breaths, Meng Hao withdrew his gaze, hid the blankness in his expression, took a deep breath of the mountain top, his eyes revealed firmness.


   “No matter what, whether you read or work, you have to… live.” Meng Hao’s personality is just like this, clever and strong. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t be alone after his parents went out in his early years. Live till now.


   Meng Hao raised his head and glanced at the sky, his eyes felt firmer, and he was about to walk down the mountain.


   At this moment, a faint voice suddenly came from under the cliff. The voice seemed to be blown away by the wind. When it fell into Meng Hao’s ears, it was faint as if it were imperceptible.




   Meng Hao stopped for a while, and then listened carefully, and the voice of help became clearer with his concentration at this moment.




   Meng Hao walked a few steps quickly until he reached the edge of the mountain, and when he looked down, he immediately saw that there seemed to be a crack on the side of the cliff. Someone leaned out half of his body from there, with a pale face Frightened and desperate, shouting.


   “You… But Meng Hao, help, Meng Caizi, save me.” There was also a young man who leaned out from the middle of the mountain. He saw Meng Hao at a glance, and his expression immediately revealed surprise, as if the desperate situation was about to die.


   “Wang Youcai?” Meng Hao widened his eyes and looked at the young man halfway up the mountain. This person he knew was the son of Uncle Wang, a carpenter shop in the county seat.


   “You…how did you come here?” Meng Hao glanced at the mountainside crack below. It was extremely steep and couldn’t be climbed down. A little carelessness would surely fall into the river below the mountain.


  Especially the river is so fast that once you fall into the water, you will die forever.


   “Not only me, but also a few other people in the nearby counties, we are all here, Brother Meng, don’t say anything, save us soon.” Wang Youcai hurriedly said, Xu Ye has been there for a long time, and the words said At the end, if it weren’t for being grabbed by his companions behind him and almost slipping off, Wang Youcai’s face turned paler.


   Meng Hao saw the danger, but he went up the mountain alone. There was no way to save people without a rope. At this moment, he looked back at the cane over the mountains and began to look for it as soon as his eyes lit up.


  He was already thin and weak. It took two sticks of incense to find a long enough rattan, panting and hurriedly rolling the rattan back to the edge of the cliff, shouting the name of Wang Youcai below, while bending. The waist moves the cane down the cliff.


   “You haven’t said yet, how did you get on?” Meng Hao asked along the cane.


   “Fly!” It was not Wang Youcai who said the word, but an eight or nine-year-old boy who leaned out beside him. The boy spoke out loud.


   “Bullshit, what to fly, you can fly down, why don’t you fly up now.” Meng Hao mocked, and simply pulled the cane up a bit.


   “Don’t listen to his nonsense, we were caught by a flying woman, saying that she was going to take us to some kind of handyman.” Wang Youcai spoke quickly, fearing that Meng Hao might be provoke to take back the cane.


   “It’s nonsense again, can fly? That’s the fairy in the legend, who believes it.” Meng Hao dismissed it, and secretly said that in the books he had read, there are many stories about encountering immortals and becoming rich people. , This kind of thing is just a deceptive book.


   Seeing that the cane had reached the crack in the cliff, Wang Youcai grabbed it, but suddenly, Meng Hao felt the wind gusts behind him, as if the surrounding temperature had suddenly returned to winter, making him shiver, and when he turned his head subconsciously , Immediately exclaimed, the whole person almost stepped down the cliff.


   A pale, invisible woman, wearing a silver robe, standing there looking blankly at Meng Hao, this woman is extremely beautiful, but with her pale face and cold breath, but There is a feeling of just crawling out of the grave.


  ”Some aptitudes, since you find them yourself, they are considered your luck.”


   The sound fell in the ears like bones rubbing, especially the woman’s eyes seemed to contain some kind of strange power, let Meng Hao take a look, and immediately the whole body was cold, as if there was no secret in front of this woman. Was seen through the whole body.


   The words are still echoing, the woman flicked her big sleeve, and a green wind instantly rolled up Meng Hao. In Meng Hao’s exclaim, as the woman went straight to the cliff and fell, this scene made Meng Hao thunderously. The brain is blank.


   When she reached the crack, the woman raised her hand and threw Meng Hao directly into the crack. She stepped into it as the green wind whizzed. When she came in, Wang Youcai, who was shocked, backed away again and again.


   The woman stood there without speaking, just raised her head and glanced at the cane that descended from above.


   Meng Hao was trembling, and his heart was tense. He climbed up and quickly glanced around. The crack was not big, the inside was small, and there was not much room left after standing a few people.


   When his gaze fell on Wang Youcai, he saw two teenagers next to him. One was the guy with the head and the brain, and the other was white and fat. Both of them were trembling at the moment and looked terrified. , Seems to be crying.


   “There is one missing, let’s be with them.” The woman who looked pale as if there was no emotion, stopped looking at the cane at this moment, but turned her gaze to Meng Hao.


   “You…who are you.” Meng Hao strongly endured the panic in his heart. After all, he had read a lot of books and had a strong personality. Despite his fear, he knew that he must not panic at this moment.


   The woman did not speak, raised her right hand with a wave, and the green wind reappeared, whizzing up Meng Hao and Wang Youcai and others, and flew out of the cave with the woman, and went straight to the sky. She disappeared in an instant, only this The Daqing Mountain, still towering, gradually melted into the night in this evening.


   Meng Hao’s face was pale. He saw that he was flying across the sky in the green wind, flying gallop between the sky and the earth. The wind whistling in front of the entrance made it difficult to breathe, but his mind suddenly came to mind. A word.


  ”Fairy?” He insisted for dozens of breaths, but he couldn’t bear it, and he passed out in darkness.


   When he opened his eyes, he was already in a bluestone clearing halfway up the mountain, surrounded by undulating hills, clouds and mist filled with extraordinary dust, and he could see some exquisite attic surrounding the mountains, full of strangeness.


   Wang Youcai and the other two teenagers beside him have all awakened at this moment. They are looking at the woman with their backs facing away from the four people in front of them, trembling in horror.


   In front of this woman, there are two men in green robes. They both seem to be twenty years old, but both have sunken eyes and green pupils, which is daunting.


   “Senior Sister Xu is a good way to go out and brought back four qualified little babies.” One of the two men said to the woman with compliments~IndoMTL.com~ took them to the handyman’s office. . “The woman was indifferent, she didn’t even look at the four of Meng Hao, she turned into a long rainbow as she walked, and disappeared between the mountains.


   At this moment, Meng Hao has recovered his mind. He stared blankly at the place where the woman disappeared, and his eyes gradually revealed a look that had never been seen on him in 16 years. This look made Meng Hao’s heart suddenly It’s boiling.


   “Handyman? This is to work for immortals, so I should make a lot of money.” Meng Hao looked forward to it, because he could see that the people here are not killing him.


   “Senior Sister Xu has reached the seventh level of Qi Condensing, and she was given a wind flag by the instructor. She can fly before the foundation is built, which is enviable.” Another green-robed monk said with emotion, and then his expression was high. It means to look at the four of Meng Hao.


   “You, and you, follow me and go to the Southern District Handyman’s Office.” In the words, this person pointed to Wang Youcai and the young man next to him.


   “This…Where is this place?” When the man pointed at him, Wang You was trembling, and said in a trembling voice.


   “Reliance on the mountain sect.”




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