Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4289: Move the soul



“I didn’t expect that such a young girl came up!” An old voice came.


Mu Qianxi saw an old man with gray hair.


He walked a little stiffly, like a zombie, exuding a gloomy chill.


He said in Mu Qianxi’s contract space all his life: “It turned out to be the king of gambling! He is still alive, but he seems to have made himself into a corpse!”


The King of Gamblers looked tired, but looked at Mu Qianxi with sharp eyes.


“Play cards! Still play dice!”


Mu Qianxi replied: “Play cards!”


“Then play ninety-nine cards!”


He grabbed a hand of cards, his body was as stiff as a corpse, but his movements were extremely fast.


Ninety-nine thick cards turned into afterimages in his hands, as if gambling was his instinct.


Mu Qianxi also felt the oppression emanating from the gambling emperor, she secretly said: She is a master, completely different from what she encountered before.


Life replied: “Well! After all, it was ranked second in the Divine Cauldron Domain tens of thousands of years ago. It will not be in vain for so many thousands of years, and it will naturally be stronger!”


The King of Gamblers said: “Little girl, you must bet all your chips in one go! It’s better to leave enough capital, you can’t be so arrogant and underestimate an old man like me!”


Mu Qianxi replied: “No, the winner is determined in one round, and we can solve each other’s time.”


The King of Gamblers shook his head, it’s true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!


Then, without further ado, he starts to deal!


A total of nine cards are opened, the first one is opened first!


The King of Gamblers raised his eyes slightly, looked at Mu Qianxi sharply, and shook his head.


Looks young and quite opportunistic, and if that’s the case, it won’t win her.


Mu Qianxi was slightly startled, she felt that the other party seemed to see through his technique of using his soul power and her technique.


After the second and third pictures came out, Mu Qianxi had already made up her mind, and her face was a little dignified.


Ginger is still old and spicy! She was still a little too tender.


“For a lifetime, the next six cards will be handed over to you!” Even if you cheat, the limit will be reached.


The gambling king’s gambling skills are so high that he can beat him without using his soul power.


“Can you win? After all, people may have worked hard for tens of thousands of years, and you have been sleeping for tens of thousands of years!” Mu Qianxi asked, in fact, she was sure that she would win in her lifetime.


Because he is the eternal cauldron, the eternal soul cauldron, the master of the **** cauldron domain, and a lifetime!


A lifetime of self-confident smiles: “Win, that’s natural!”


On the surface, it was Qianxi who was gambling, but now the bet is a lifetime.


Not only that, but Mu Qianxi’s soul power has been collected throughout his life.


After a long absence, he wants to make a fair and just gamble with the King of Gamblers.


When the fourth card was played, the King of Gamblers’ eyes sank and his fingers curved slightly. This little girl was retaining her strength!


The fifth card, has caught up with the disadvantage caused by the previous three cards.


Sixth card, evenly matched.


This situation is something that City Lord Bei never imagined.


“What is the origin of this woman? How could it be? How can she be so good at gambling? I even saw the shadow of Lord Master from her methods!” “City Lord, we have already investigated! The origin of this woman Very mysterious, she is the savior of the young leader of the Fengmeng League. She is a long-term friend with the Qin City Lord. Later, she opened a ghost doctor building, and then went to the food capital to make Qiuyue City Lord take her as a sister.


Look at it like this, and don’t know about the rest! “City Lord Bei’s subordinates said in cold sweat.


The subordinate said again: “The origin of this woman is definitely not simple, except that the strength level is a little lower, and the talent of refining medicine and the talent of gambling are unmatched! The city chief should not give up to take her face, belong to I’m afraid… I’m afraid…”


“Pa–” City Lord Bei slapped him over.


“How could this city master be afraid of her! The face I like is absolutely not allowed to escape from my palm, and I want it today! I hope this old thing won’t be such a waste!”


All nine cards are dealt out and rearranged for a lifetime.


And the opposite gambler is sweating again and again, no matter how he is arranged, he is destined to be smaller than the opponent’s hand.


“Hahaha! Hahaha, I lost! I lost!” The Gambler suddenly burst into laughter.


Most of the people who lost badly were crying and laughing.


“Finally there is a new gambling king, the old man can put everything down and go to sleep! Go up! Go to the eighteenth floor!” The gambling king said excitedly.


He turned himself into a corpse, not dead or alive, not because he wanted to live forever.


But for a long time, there has never been a person with higher gambling skills than him in the city within a city, and there is no new gambling king to replace him.


He just couldn’t die!


Now, it’s all over.


“Old waste, you actually lost! To say she is the new gambling king, the city lord doesn’t agree, at least you have to win the city lord!” The costumed city lord Bei appeared, with a sharp and mean tone.


City Lord Bei looked at Mu Qianxi with a sneer and said, “Sister Xi’er, your next opponent is me! Since it is an opponent, I will not show mercy!”


This old **** is very hateful. She has won countless times when she bet against him.


But he said that she cheated and used her soul power, which was not a win. He did not admit her high gambling skills and did not allow her to go to the eighteenth floor.


It doesn’t matter if this old **** loses, it means that she defeats this woman and can reach the eighteenth floor!


Mu Qianxi asked: “My bet is all here, what about City Lord Bei’s bet?”


“I’m too lazy to change chips! How about these?” City Lord Bei threw a bracelet.


There are many rare treasures in it, which are indeed worth all of Mu Qianxi’s chips.


City Lord Bei looked at Mu Qianxi’s face excitedly and said, “I want to make a quick decision, so let’s bet three cards!”


Mu Qianxi did win the old thing, maybe the old thing was old and useless and lost.


She has also won the old thing once, and she is confident that she will not lose to anyone, let alone Mu Qianxi.


Because she can use her soul power here, because her soul silk is still stuck in this woman’s brain.


Mu Qianxi nodded and said, “Okay!”


She said to her life: “I’m coming!”


Next, start the first card, the second card!


Mu Qianxi obviously sensed the fluctuation of City Lord Bei’s soul power, and City Lord Bei’s face sank.


What’s going on? How the **** is she so lucky!


She has already used her soul power to change cards, so why is she inferior to the opponent?


The gambling king who is quiet like a background board looks at the two girls who are out of thousands. He has already judged, who is the ultimate winner?


As expected of the little girl who can win her, she wins.


Under the condition that he can also use soul power, City Lord Bei is too arrogant to notice that the other party can use soul power.


In addition to the huge gap in gambling skills between the two sides, City Lord Bei has no chance of winning.


Suddenly, he felt strange fluctuations in the air. not good! He forgot that City Lord Bei still has a hand, soul silk!


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