Against the Gods:



Langzhang Mountain, Jueyun Cliff, the first of the four most evil places in the Cangyun Continent. Under the Cloud Jue Cliff is known as the cemetery of the God of Death. For countless years, countless people have fallen from the Cloud Jue Cliff. Among them, there are even three Heavenly King-level powerhouses with the power to reach the sky, but no one has ever survived.


At this time, on the edge of the cliff of the end of the cloud, on the side of a two-person boulder, there was a young man with black hair and black eyes. After just standing for a few breaths, a small pool of blood had gathered under his feet.


His chest heaved violently, his breathing was terrifyingly heavy, and the muscles in every part of his body were shaking slightly… It showed that he was completely exhausted, almost running out of fuel, if it weren’t for this man beside him A boulder, he may not even be able to stand. However, his eyes were cold and awake like two cold blades, without the slightest trace of laxity, emitting a fierce light like a wolf, the corners of his mouth, a slight sneer that was extremely mocking and disdainful.


Ahead of him, a dark crowd blocked all his escape routes.


“Yun Che, you have nowhere to go! Obediently hand over the Sky Poison Pearl, we may be able to spare you!”

“我们今天? 就要替天行道,除掉你这个祸害!还不速速交出天毒珠,我可以让你死个痛快,否则必让你尝尽万刃刺心之苦!”

“Today? We are going to act for the heavens and get rid of your scourge! If you don’t hand over the Sky Poison Pearl quickly, I can make you die a happy death, or I will let you experience the pain of piercing your heart! “


“Yun Che! Don’t be obsessed anymore, now your only way out is to hand it over to the Sky Poison Pearl! You don’t deserve to own such a divine artifact!!”


There were bursts of roars from the crowd, and everyone roared with righteous words and righteousness. And if anyone from the Azure Cloud Continent passed by at this time, they would be dumbfounded by the lineup in front of them: This dark crowd gathered almost all the strongest sects in the Azure Cloud Continent. Even some old monsters who have been in retreat for many years and have been forgotten are also included. It is no exaggeration to say that anyone who stands out here is a super strong enough to shake one side.


Nowadays, all of them are gathered here, just for the man who has been forced to the edge of the Cloud End Cliff in front of him… More precisely, for the Sky Poison Pearl in his hand, the No.


The crowd slowly approaches, threatening and shouting. On that day, the Poison Pearl finally appeared again. Facing this huge and irresistible temptation, all these strong men standing on the top of the continent flocked to them. After three days and three nights of chasing and killing, it was finally time to harvest the fruits.


“You…want this…Sky Poison Pearl?”


Yun Che sneered, his right hand slowly raised, and a green orb with dim light appeared in his hand. At the moment when the bead showed light, everyone’s approaching footsteps stopped, and their eyes stared at the green, emitting an extremely greedy light.


These powerful men who are enough to shock the world are so humble and ugly in Yun Che’s eyes at this time. His eyes slowly slanted, even though he was in a desperate situation, his eyes were still arrogant and mocking, and the depths of his eyes were full of deep hatred: “My master hangs the pot to help the world in his life, saving countless lives, not sticking, not sticking Begging for any fame and fortune… But just because of this Sky Poison Pearl, seven years ago, you so-called famous and decent people… forced my master to death.”


“I hate… it’s useless to hate myself, I haven’t wiped out all of you **** sects for seven years!”


The words are clank, with deep hatred. Even though seven years have passed, thinking of the tragic death of his master, two tears of blood still slid from the corners of his eyes.


Yun Che didn’t know who his parents were. He was only a few days old when his master picked him up. When he picked up Yun Che, it was in the depths of spring, the surrounding clouds were light and windy, and the mountains and waters were clear, so he named him “Yun Che”. , when he grows up, he can inherit his mantle and become a healer who saves the dying and heals the wounded and has a clean heart.


No matter how serious the disease and trauma, it can be healed safely under the master’s hands. The reason was the Sky Poison Pearl that he had been hiding all along. The word “Sky Poison” shows that this bead has an incomparably huge virulence, but the same is true for medicine and poison, and the medicine and poison are of the same origin. The ability to make countless holy medicines and save countless lives and patients. He gave Yun Che all his medical skills… and seven years ago, the fact that he was hiding the Sky Poison Pearl was leaked. He handed the Sky Poison Pearl to Yun Che and let him escape, but he died in various places. The subordinates of the gate faction.


Under the news of his master’s death, Yun Che cried bitterly for three days and three nights, and the root of hatred was buried in his heart. He no longer studied medical theory, but madly absorbed the terrifying poison in the Sky Poison Pearl, and revenge became his only belief. Seven years later, he achieved great success with his poisonous achievements, and finally opened his fangs of revenge. In less than ten days, the poison spread for thousands of miles, and the number of burials was countless. It also caused turmoil and panic in the entire Azure Cloud Continent, and even attracted the attention of those peak powerhouses. Coveted, in order to capture the Sky Poison Pearl, they joined forces to hunt down Yun Che… until this point.


He looked at everyone in his sight with resentment, his smile getting colder and colder: “You bastards, you want to get the Sky Poison Pearl in my hand… Bai-Sun-Dream-Dream!! “


The low voice fell, and Yun Che suddenly raised his hand and smashed the Sky Poison Pearl into his own mouth. With a burst of energy, the Sky Poison Pearl rushed from his mouth to his stomach in an instant…


“You…what are you doing!”


“He actually… swallowed the Sky Poison Pearl!”


“Yun Che! Are you dying!”


“It doesn’t matter, it’s a big deal, we kill people to get pearls!”


The Sky Poison Pearl entered the body, but Yun Che was not as poisonous as they thought.


“Kill him immediately! Otherwise, if the Sky Poison Pearl ever changes in his body, it will be a big problem!”


With a loud roar, more than a dozen people in the front rushed towards Yun Che at the same time. Looking at these figures he wished to be smashed into ashes, Yun Che laughed wildly, his laughter was hoarse and weak, but he was proud: “I failed to kill you, so don’t even try to kill me! Even if I get the Sky Poison Pearl, I have no right to take my Yun Che’s life, even if I die… I will only die by my own hands! Hahahaha…”


With a mad laugh, Yun Che suddenly released all the power in his body and leaped to the rear…


“Stop him!!!”


Finding Yun Che’s intentions, exclamations sounded deafeningly. Five or six hands grabbed Yun Che’s direction together, but they couldn’t catch the slightest shadow of him at all, and could only helplessly watch his body straight. Falling straight to the bottom of the cloudless cliff…


End Cloud Cliff is really suitable for my Yun Che’s burial place…


In my life, I have nothing to worry about, but it’s a pity… I haven’t been able to avenge my master… I haven’t found my biological parents…


Yun Che gently held the silver pendant on his chest. That was the only thing he had on him when the master picked him up. With the wind whistling in his ears, he slowly closed his eyes and let his body fall into the bottomless dark abyss…




The following, written on the fifth anniversary.


Yes, it has been exactly five years since the first chapter of “Shura” was uploaded on October 1, 2009.


Five years seems to be a long time, and it seems to pass by without knowing it.


In five years, four books, from “The Legend of Asura in Online Games”, to “Tianchen”, to “Evil Dragon Against the Sky in Online Games”, to “Online Games: God’s Scourge Shura”, totaling more than 10.5 million words , this is the number that I never, nor dared to think of, when I wrote down the first word of “Asura”.


But because of you, Mars has been on this path all the way to where it is today. If it weren’t for your companions along the way, there would be no Mars gravity today, and there would be no “Anti-Goddess” today.


For you, I have always been grateful and worked hard. “Sura”, “Tianchen” and “Evil Dragon” have never had one day break or less in the early stage, but from the later stage of “Evil Dragon” to the whole film “Divine Retribution”, I owe you too much. Countless interruptions have ruined my character that has lasted for many years, and the accumulated guilt and guilt have also made me often feel ashamed to face you. The Xuan family and the ruling appeared for me. They were once prosperous, but they cooled down because of my slump and disappointment. I have let countless people down, let countless people leave sadly, and countless people have no regrets, never give up…


I want to say sorry, but I want to say…thank you…


The new book is open today. Just because the title of the book occupies a hole, I see so many familiar and long-lost faces. With every sentence of blessings and waves of cheers, my heart is infinitely grateful.


In this book of “Anti-God of Evil Gods”, Mars will make every effort to never let everyone down. I will use my practical actions to restore your confidence in Mars.


In the first month of the new book, Mars wants the sword to be the first in the monthly pass, and let the Xuan family return to glory…


Help me! !




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